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Photographer Elido Turco (Italy)

Elido Turco was born in Udine in 1947 where he still lives.

Art Master , he collaborated with different public institutions,to which he gave the contribution of his graphic and photographic creativity. He also developed numerous artistic activities in private areas.

As a graphic and photographer he set up many temporary exhibitions and also museum rooms in the naturalist field .He has also contributed to the graphic preparation and realization of the images of several monographic and thematic editorial publications on Friuli Venezia Giulia.

For over a decade he had the role of Art Director of and important private firm.

His photographic archive boasts over 30.000 images of Friuli Venezia Giulia and other Italian and oversea places . Digital technology has been a further spur for Elido Turco in experimentation and research of new expressive frontiers in the visual arts. It is in this sphere that original thematic portfolios were conceived:





Folded Elena e Claudia

Valeria Macchione


Sabrina Nicosia

Jennifer Barroso

Robin Jenco

Ornella & Yuky

Il cerchio magico Sabrina Nicosia




Elena Sartori

Debora Dal Bo


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